Omega Vert 350-HD Juicer

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The Omega Model Vert Juicer is the newest addition to an already great line of Omega's Juicer. Though it utilizes the 'masticating' method, the Model Vert 330 has a unique design that allows items as firm as carrots and as fine as wheat-grass to be juiced efficiently in the same machine. This is not one of the Multi-Purpose Juicer like the Omega Juicer 8006, with its ability to make nut butters, this machine does one thing and does it incredibly well - Juices the heck out of and extracts massive amount of nutrients from almost any Fruit and/or Vegetable.

  • 10 year Warranty
  • Auto Cleaning System
  • Brushless Motor
  • 80 RPM for peak efficiency
  • Crushing Ribs
  • Equivalent to a 2 HP Motor
  • Commercial Condenser Motor
  • Exclusive Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Household and Commercial Approval
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