organic kiwi-fruits

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Don't judge this fruit by its cover: Under that "prick-like" skin of the Organic Kiwi Fruit is a bright green nutrition star bursting with body benefiting antioxidants. This Fiber packed fruit works in many ways to help protect and possibly heal as it protects our bodies against free radical damage. A study compared 27 popular organic fruits and determined that the kiwi-fruit was the most nutritionally dense. Containing substantial amounts of vitamin E, Lutein(a vision-saving - naturally existing chemical) than any other fruit or vegetable. It has also been found to Lower blood-clot risk and Triglycerides, a blood fat that has been linked to heart attacks and other heart related diseases. Though classified here and by others as a Citrus Fruit, the Kiwi is actually not a Citrus Fruit. Citrus is a genus of fruits that is shared by the Orange, Grapefruit, Lemons, and Limes. They are characterized by their often sour taste and flavor.

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