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Certified Organic! Non-GMO! Grown Locally in HAWAII. The Organic Papaya, otherwise known in Australia as "paw paw," is said to be native to Southern Mexico. The main varieties are SOLO, KAPOHO, SUNRISE and WAIMANALO. We carry the SUNRISE variety. These plants grow and perform well in hot and somewhat dry soil as cold and wet soil can be fatal to the plant and does affect the growth and flavor of the fruit. They are one of the true gems of the tropics. Papayas, the source of the "papain" enzymes that has been found to breakdown and aid in the digestion of proteins. Papain acts to thoroughly digest protein, and frees up amino acids for quick absorption. It works in acid, alkaline, or neutral intestinal environments. Phytochemicals in papayas are also said to suppress the effect of "Progesterone". The papaya leaf, seed and latex has been used for many years to control, treat and combat the growth of cancer cells. The Papaya Fruit is about 88.8% water, 9.8 % carbohydrate, 0.8% fiber, 0.6% protein also contain 16% more vitamin C than oranges.
The Organic Papaya is not only great as a fresh fruit, its versatility extends to cooking, baking, in soups, sauces, juiced, dried and even dehydrated. Give someone else a great gift of a PAPAYA today! It makes a great gift. These Organic Papayas are grown without the nerve toxin, Organophosphates.

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